Licensing Agency

Identification of licensing prospects and negotiation of optimal terms for your project to reach audiences across the globe.

Licensing is one of the most important ways to increase engagement with your product worldwide and realize its full potential in all manners. Our ever-growing network of publishers hailing from the world’s every nook and cranny will provide you with ample opportunities for a deal suitable to your project and their vision. We have negotiated from start to finish numerous licensing agreements on behalf of our publishing clients, with constant communication and solitary focus on achieving the best possible terms according to our client’s goals.

Entrust your project in our experience, industry insight, and limitless desire to play a part in your success.
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Manufacturing Intermediary

Cooperation with our network of manufacturers for securing the best arrangement of quality and price.

Manufacturing properties are the esssence of your gaming concept, and a balance of cost and quality is necessary for the realization of your ambition. By devoting time and effort, we identified and built excellent working relationships with many factories and owners who fulfilled our standards, in all locales, making certain that you will be able to find the right cost, quality and production timing for your needs. Once again, our experience on both the creative/publishing and retail side of the tabletop gaming business will come in handy as we can offer you advice on manufacturing matters and their impact.

With our assistance, recommendation and intermediation you will certainly discover a fitting outlet for the physical manifestation of your gaming project.
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Tabletop Gaming Consultancy

Application of our extensive experience from both publisher’s and merchant’s perspectives to help you navigate the market triumphantly.

The tabletop gaming market and the gaming market in general is a growing one, with a great future ahead of it. Running our tabletop gaming retail store in Greece, Meeple On Board, collaborating with crowdfunding project creators, and recently publishing Greek versions of promising titles, we possess the know-how that will unhinder your project’s growth and development. We, with contributions from our industry-leading partners, will be your source for short and long-term planning, advice, and feedback for every minute detail regarding your product.

Utilize every piece of knowledge we and our partners have gathered from our time in this business to claim your place in it.
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Tried & Tested Crowdfunding Strategies

We provide strategic planning owing to our constant association with major crowdfunding gaming successes, both as creators-contributors and retail clients.

Crowdfunding is an extremely popular and relatively risk-averse outlet for materializing your tabletop gaming concept. The most commonly used platforms for crowdfunding tabletop gaming and gaming project in general are Kickstarter and Gamefound. It is a delicate process brimming with potential for commercial success, within which one must tread carefully and with a clear plan. We can provide that, as we have been fortunate and capable of working in and with crowdfunding campaigns for gaming products in every position there is, such as creator, collaborator, fulfillment, and retail clients of other campaigns. Also, very importantly, we have advised strategically with excellent results numerous creators, ranging from multinational titans to newly-formed collectives.

You will certainly find that our track record in crowdfunding speaks for itself, get in touch with us so we can offer our expertise to your campaign.
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Stand Out From The Crowd

Our experience and effort will spark your success in the growing tabletop gaming universe
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